Reed-Turner Woodland Photographic Project - Spring
Growing up in California, every February the plum trees that lined the streets of Berkeley would burst into a vibrant display of pink blossoms and even though it was still winter, this was our indicator that spring was on its way.

The seasons here in the Mid-west are just a bit different. The plants that are so prevalent in the summer months, go dormant under a blanket of snow or have spread their seeds among the fall leaves. So when the ground begins to thaw and the days creep towards the summer solstice, bits of green begin to appear. Yet no matter how many times I see this change of season, it is still amazing to find the first new growth stretching up towards the light.

By May there is a carpet of flora, dotting the landscape with an array of colors. The leaves from fall still cover the ground, but they have begun to fade into the background. The change in the woodland becomes so rapid by this point that each day offers up some new visual tidbit, such as a migrating bird or another in a seemingly endless parade of emerging wildflowers.
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