Reed-Turner Woodland Photographic Project - Autumn
Autumn sneaks up on me. I wilt in the heat and with the humid hotness of late summer I hardly notice the change of seasons. Only when the first days dip into the 50s do I realize that fall is near and look out our window to see the willows beginning to shed and the first tinges of color taking hold of the maple leaves.

For about three weeks in late September and early October the leaves of autumn offer up a glorious opportunity to both marvel at nature’s pallet and to capture the abundance of color on film. My favorite time of day is about an hour before sunset. As the sun moves towards the horizon and lingers over Reed Pond, the light finds its way deeper into the woods. Burnished leaves that languished in shade during the day now burn with color as if suddenly ignited by the sun’s rays, then wait patiently for me to set up my camera and take their portrait.
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All Images & Text © Tobin Fraley